Cuppa Change started with a group of students from the University of Ottawa who wanted to make a sustainable change within their community. Throughout daily life, we are exposed to inequalities and injustices that are consuming the world. It is really easy to lose hope when we are constantly reminded that we live in a global system that thrives off of perpetuating inequalities.  Cuppa Change is a platform where we hope to inspire others to implement projects that can provide sustainable  social and environmental solutions and generate positive change - no matter how small or big they may be.

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What We Do:

Cuppa Change initiatives either encompass one or more of our core values.


1. Education - We believe education to be one of the most powerful tools of our generation.  This includes but is not limited to; providing communities with information on how they can better serve the environment, providing resources to inform youth involvement; using information as a tool of empowerment;   fighting for rights to access information for educational purposes.

2. Environmental Sustainability - We believe in doing our part to decrease human impact on environmental degradation and climate change. This includes but is not limited to; initiatives increasing awareness of recycling, providing Eco-friendly substitutes to resources being used in community events, promoting recycling of access commodities.

3. Enhancing Youth Capabilities -  We believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. - Witnhey Housten said it best. This includes but is not limited to; ....

On February 1st 2017, we initiated our first initiative called Roll Up for Change (click to learn more)!

So far, we have been serving the Ottawa community but have plans to expand across Canada.

How We Do It:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Cuppa Change is a 100% volunteer and student-run organization. We implement our core values into our initiatives by creating partnerships with other community actors. We believe that by engaging with local corporate actors, organizations and other community members, our initiatives will foster a strong outreach to the wider community. By utilizing the strengths of our community members and partnerships, we aim to bring a positive sustainable social and environmental impact.

  • We use our knowledge and expertise to encourage sustainable innovation
  • We reuse resources to improve the effectiveness of their impact
  • We rely on donations when an impact requires additional resources to be effective 


The success of our initiatives would not be possible if it were not for the support of the partnerships we continue to form in our community. Here at Cuppa Change, we value teamwork and strong, trusting relationships. We are thankful for this encouragement, as we are able to participate in diverse events and continue to bring awareness to our values and initiatives.

As a start-up organization, we take strides in being versatile to new opportunities, while staying true to our initial core values and project goals. With each initiative and new partnership, we take pride in our ability to grow as an organization and learn in what ways we will be able to bring a Cuppa Change to our community.


At Cuppa Change, we want to help you get your initiative off the ground! Cuppa Change can designate funding and provide project expertise to support you in bringing your amazing ideas to life. We do not want anyone to feel like they're lacking resources or that their ideas are too small. Remember, every little bit of change counts - even if it is just a cup!