Why Sponsor Cuppa Change?

Supporting the right charitable partners can help a corporation stand out in a highly competitive economic environment. Making the right type of commitment with the right charity can differentiate you, not only with your consumers, but also with your suppliers and your employees – creating brand loyalty on numerous levels.

Benefits to Creating a Relationship with Cuppa Change:

By supporting a charity you are showcasing the core values of your company to the community.  Corporate sponsorship with CUPPA CHANGE engages your employees to work towards benefits that will help improve the quality of life in their community.

  • 88 per cent of companies supporting a cause are better remembered by the public

  • 80 per cent of consumers believe that companies have a responsibility to support their community
  • 90 per cent of consumers say that during an economic downturn they expect corporations to continue supporting causes

How do we benefit from sponsorships?

A high reliability of revenues coupled with high autonomy within those revenues is one of the strongest influences on our functioning abilities.  From a program and service perspective, it allows us to ideally provide stability and quality in addition to having the flexibility to innovate and expand organizational and community impact.

To learn more about these sponsorship opportunities and others plus the terrific benefits to your company please contact: cuppachangecanada@gmail.com

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