When we partner with an actor in the community, we strive to grow a long lasting relationship that doesn't end when the activity is over. Our partnerships do not involve financial contributions, but instead involve the combination of resources to produce and improve positive impacts.

What Does a Partnership with Cuppa change Involve?

  • As partners, we engage as equals in the promotion of commonly defined policies and goals
  • Discussion and mutual signing of partnership agreement from both parties
  • Regular progress reports from Cuppa Change ensuring partners are well informed
  • A constant open dialogue for both parties to voice concerns along the different project implementation phases

Why we approach you:

If we approach your organization to partner with us it is because we have ideas in mind that will bring about mutual benefits.  We partner with actors in the community who have events/initiatives planned and provide assistance in informing them of effective uses of their resources to influence community quality of life, environmental sustainability and education of youth.

 We value our relationships with all actors in the community.  We transform relationships into partnerships as we see it as two entities working towards a shared goal surrounding positive impacts.  Partnering with organizations in our community allows us to go further with our overall mission.  Through our partnerships Cuppa Change has been able to facilitate and initiate ways in which activities and events can be more effective in redeeming positive impacts on the community.

Current Partnerships: